Estos son los Spandau Ballet en 2014 y hoy actuan en el Royal Albert Hall de Londres, donde también estrenarán su película "Soul Boys of the Western World". Y el 13 de octubre editarán un nuevo disco recopilatorio producido por Trevor Horn, "SPANDAU BALLET. THE STORY. THE VERY BEST", que incluye 3 temas nuevos. Lista más abajo.

These are Spandau Ballet in 2014 and today they are performing at London's Royal Albert Hall, where they'll also premiere their film "Soul Boys of the Western World". They've already confirmed new compilation album produced by Trevor Horn, "SPANDAU BALLET. THE STORY. THE VERY BEST", which includes 3 new songs. Tracklist below.

Enlace / Link:

CD 1:
To Cut A Long Story Short
The Freeze
Chant No.1
Only When You Leave
I’ll Fly For You
Highly Strung
Round and Round
Fight For Ourselves
Through The Barricades
Once More
This Is The Love (n)
Steal (n)
Soul Boy (n)
CD 2:
Age Of Blows
Chant No.1 (remezcla)
Paint Me Down
She Loved Like Diamond
Code Of Love
I’ll Fly For You (Glide Mix)
How Many Lies
Man In Chains
Be Free With Your Love



Toda la información sobre el nuevo álbum / All the info about the new album:

Artículo de "The Telegraph" de hoy / Today's "The Telegraph" article: AQUÍ / Here

Why ABBA won't be getting back together

Ahead of the release of ABBA: Live at Wembley Arena, Benny Andersson tells Craig McLean why he isn't interested in an ABBA reunion

At the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, all your dreams come true. Via the wonder of digital avatars, you can become the fifth member of the band, singing alongside Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Fridt. At another interactive exhibit, you can create your own mix of one of the innumerable hits that powered the band to 360 million album and singles sales. Or you can make your own pop video to Summer Night City.
If ever a band were ripe for a ride on the reunion carousel, it’s the Swedish super-troupers, who are now being celebrated again, 40 years after their victory at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton. Sadly, this museum is probably the closest any fan will ever get.
Recreated in the small but packed museum is the small suburban kitchen inhabited by Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog in the late Seventies. In the audio guide, Ulvaeus explains how the weight of the foursome’s huge global success undermined this group comprising two married couples, creating all sorts of domestic subsidence.
While his soon-to-be-ex-wife was increasingly craving more time with their children Ulvaeus, alongside songwriting partner Benny Andersson, was a slave to the recording studio. On the audio guide, we hear the result of that: Slipping Through My Fingers, a song about the lyricist’s regrets about not being around to see their son and daughter grow up.
“Of course that was difficult for me too,” Fältskog told me last year, the sadness still etched into her face. We were talking in a grand, castle-style conference venue in another part of the Swedish capital. Now a 64-year-old grandmother of three, she was promoting A, her first solo album in nine years. “You want to be with them all the time. But then, there was long periods when the boys were writing and we could take it easy and be with the children. That could be half a year sometimes. [Then] I did the opposite of ABBA – coming from hotels and this life that we had, home to dishes and cooking and being with the children. I loved to come home.”
Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad had no children together, but Ulvaeus and Fältskog worked hard to give their kids a normal life. “Yes, and we had very, very good nannies to take care of them. I think we did it well – they’re very normal persons today.”
As for her children's children, they've seen granny’s old videos, “but we don’t speak about it often. We just live a normal life. I sing with them at the piano. But they are not aware of all things that has happened.”
Does it feel like another life?
“It does really,” she replied quietly. “It does.”
A couple of hours before my ABBA Museum experience, I have my own time-travel trip. In his studio on the island of Skeppsholmen, a short boat-ride away, Andersson is introducing Live At Wembley Arena. It’s a recording of an ABBA concert from 1979, now being released on double-CD for the first time.
The still shaggy-haired, still-spry 67-year-old pops some chewing tobacco in his mouth and presses play on a laptop. Wild cheering, clapping and whistling bursts from the speakers, accompanied by the portentous sounds of an old Swedish folk song, Gammal Fäbodsplan. Then out booms the arena-sized, synth-pop storm und drank of Voulez-Vous.
After it ends, the keyboard player holds his hands up. Compared to the well-known single version (Number Three, 1979), “you can hear the tempo is slightly faster – that was the adrenalin. And I was responsible for the counting.” Pause. “But it was too fast.” Andersson gives a what-can-you-do? shrug.
He plays Knowing Me, Knowing You. “Not so bad, right?” he smiles. Then we hear Andersson introducing I’m Still Alive, written by Fältskog. From the stage Andersson calls the woman his bandmate was in the middle of divorcing “Björn’s old friend, Agnetha the little blonde girl”. The description solicits all sorts of lusty yells from that windy north London arena. Hearing this 35 years on, Andersson rolls his eyes.
In her teens, pre-ABBA, The Blonde One was a busy songwriter, reaching Number One in the Swedish charts aged 17. Fältskog had 18 solo hits before joining the band. But presented with the alchemical magic of Andersson/Ulvaeus partnership, she had happily given up writing. I’m Still Alive, then, was a rare return to composition – all the rarer for never appearing on an ABBA album.
Andersson professes to not know why that should be the case, then says: “She wasn’t too keen on that. She wrote a song or two for the first albums, and then said, ‘oh, I don’t want to do that.’ I think she wrote it for the tour actually.”
Acknowledging the notably personal lyric, Andersson notes that Fältskog “is very personal. She writes good stuff. She does. But,” he adds, “there are a lot songs missing here. Because this was ’79 and we worked for another three years. We have to go on the road again,” he says, playfully. “No, I’m just kidding.”
Standing next to Andersson is another interested party. He’s Ludwig Andersson, producer of Live At Wembley Arena. He’s also Benny’s son with the Swedish TV producer he married in 1981, the year he divorced Lyngstad. "The Brunette One" now lives in Switzerland, with her British boyfriend, Henry Smith, 5th Viscount Hambleden, an heir of the founders of WH Smith.
A handsome, fair 32-year-old, Ludwig explains in English as smooth as his father’s how he received a hard-drive containing “a million gigabytes” of material, culled from all six of ABBA’s Wembley shows in November 1979. His task: assemble an album that faithfully captured ABBA live and, in audio form at least, ABBA mania.
“It’s a very difficult thing to do. You listen to six identical evenings – ’cause they are in many says identical,” he says. “And then after a while you end up questioning your judgment – who’s to say which is better than the other? So I tried to base my judgment on just a feeling.”
Methodically, Ludwig colour-coded each performance of each song with highlighter pen on sheets of paper. “So if I liked it I gave it a pink colour. And if it was OK I gave it a green. And if it wasn’t I gave it yellow.”
Then he applied a points system, with pink meaning five points. “And then the evening with the highest score seemed like the right one to pick.”
Was he tempted to cherry-pick all the pinks from across the six sell-out nights? He shakes his head. He wanted to take one night. “My thought was that it would be nice to have one uncensored evening for everyone who wasn’t there.” Notably, he concedes, himself. “I did it for me,” smiles Ludwig, “’cause I wasn’t born at the time. So I never really got to hear this. So I just did it so I could listen to all the live stuff.”
Did Ludwig go through a teenage phase of hating his dad’s music? “No!” he declares cheerfully. Honestly?
“It’s a good question, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. For me, it was never a moment where I felt like, ‘oh my father’s doing something different to the other guys’ dads – they go to work and they come home in the evening.’ Dad went to the studio and my friends’ parents went to the office.”
All four members of ABBA are still in regular, friendly contact, although it is Andersson and Ulvaeus who take the most active role in the stewardship of the brand. They were co-producers of the 2008 film of Mamma Mia!, the hit jukebox musical that moved from the world’s stages to become a giant screen success. Ulvaeus, meanwhile, is Executive Chairman of the ABBA Museum, while Andersson and his son have taken the most active role producing this new live album.
What does Benny think of current state of the music industry? “I have no clue,” he smiles. “I feel sad for everyone who’s actually a songwriter. They don’t get paid. Because of all the downloadings [sic] around the world that exist. Spotify, [and] things like Spotify – probably a good idea. It’s better than nothing. But otherwise I don’t know how they gonna do it. Because songwriters, they don’t go out on tour. They sit home and write songs. That’s not very healthy, I think. But otherwise, I think, yes, it’s very alive isn’t it? Thousands of new acts. It’s easy to come out – you do something, you put it up on your computer and it’s spread all over the world instantly. That’s nice.”
The album is released as part of the ABBA 40th anniversary celebrations. It was preceded by a lavish photobook documenting the band’s career. But what’s next? Nothing, he insists – there are no “lost” albums or demo recordings.
“There’s nothing. There’s nothing,” Andersson repeats. “While we were working we took away stuff that we didn’t want to use. We completed the things we thought was good enough. That’s it, there’s nothing. I think it’s a good way to keep your cupboards clean.”
And yet: with nostalgia still very much what it used to be, the clamour for an ABBA reunion continues. Around eight years ago, as Mamma Mia! madness swept the world, they were offered a $1bn payday to reform. They refused point-blank. “It is so silly when old bands go back on the road," said Ulvaeus at the time. “I would rather leave our fans with the image of us as we were. The best legacy is our records and videos.”
When I met he and Andersson in London before the release of the film, the guitarist staunchly stood by that quote. “Absolutely. I feel that way. They were talking about 120 gigs or something, and television, and sponsors, and commercials and what have you," he said with a grimace. "It would have taken 10 years out of my life. Just the stress. And leaving people disappointed all the time. Eeuuurgh. It was easy to say no to it. And we all felt the same.”
Andersson chipped in. “You say, ‘what about all the fans, all the people who couldn’t come to Wembley or wherever?’ I think we’re doing them a favour by not doing [a reunion]! I thinks it’s better that everybody remembers it as it was, when we had the energy.”
Now, in his lovely, wood-built studio in Stockholm, I mention to Andersson the excitement surrounding the return to the stage of Kate Bush.
“She’s wonderful!” he interjects. Her current run of concerts in London are the first time she’s performed live since, coincidentally, 1979. Considering the rapturous responses to Bush’s return, is there not a small part of him intrigued to see ABBA up there, again, too?
“I love her,” he replies, ignoring the question, “and she’s very, very special.”
“You should tour with her!” suggests his son.
“Yes!” chuckles dad. “If she needs a piano player …”
But that’s it – he’s still firm that there will be no ABBA reunion?
“Yes, absolutely,” he says.
And all four of them are in agreement?



Björn y su esposa Lena asistieron anoche a la producción finlandesa de "Mamma Mia!" que se estrenó en el teatro Svenska de Helsinki, 15 años después del primer estreno en Londres. Más info en Icethesite & aquí.

Björn and his wife Lena attended the premiere of the Finnish production of "Mamma Mia!", which premiered last night at the Svenska Theatre in Helsinki, 16 years after the first premiere in London. More info at Icethsite. & here-




Esta tarde Sole Giménez se pasó por "La Ventana" de Carles Francino para presentar su nuevo álbum "COMO HEMOS CAMBIADO" y aquí os traemos la entrevista.

This afternoon Sole Giménez has been at  Carles Francino's "La Ventana" to present her new album "COMO HEMOS CAMBIADO" and here is the interview.

Audio Sole Giménez @ "La Ventana" SER:


Se anuncia para lesta noche del viernes una entrevista de Frida en el talkshow de la TV sueca (SVT1) "Skavlan". Hablará, entre otras cosas, del nuevo álbum en vivo de Abba. Ya han pasado los otros miembros de Abba (hemos recogido aquí el de Agnetha el año pasado) que han sido entrevistados por Fredrick Skavlan. Estarán también en el programa el Arzobispo Desmond Tutu, Elvis Costello y la banda de heavy metal sueco In Flames. Según informa la página Homage To Anni-Frid en Facebook, la entrevista se grabó el pasado miércoles (fotos superiores). En ella dice que está trabajando en un libro sobre su vida y anunció el proyecto de una nueva canción titulado "1865", que es un homenaje al magnífico Matterhorn y que saldrá en diciembre de este año. Actualizaremos e intentaremos ofreceros la entrevista también. Incluimos más abajo en inglés traducción en inglés tomada de Abba Official.com News blog de la transcripción de vg.no. y del periódico sueco Aftonbladet.

An interview with Frida on tonight's Swedish TV (SVT1) talkshow "Skavlan" has been announced. She'll be talking about Abba's new live album, among other things. The other Abba members have already been interviewed by Fredrick Skavlan (like Agnetha last year, which we showed here too). Also on the programme will be Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Elvis Costello and Swedish heavy metal band In Flames. According to the Facebook page Homage to Anni-Frid, the interview was recorded last Wednesday afternoon (photos above). In it she says she's working on a book of her life and she announced the project of a new song called "1865", which is a tribute to the wonderful Matterhorn and will be out this December. We'll update and try to show you this one also. Including below the English translation taken from Abba Official.com News blog from vg.no transcription and from Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

Enlace a / Link to VIDEO-TRAILER
Video Frida @ "Skavlan":

OPEN AND HONEST: Anni-Frid Lyngstad talks about the tough times with presenter Fredrik Skavlan.
Speaking out in rare interview:
ABBA-Frida: – Loneliness is natural for me
STOCKHOLM (AP) Anni-Frid Lyngstad lost her only daughter and her husband of eighteen years. At age 68, she has become accustomed to solitude.
In partnership with life
Although a member of ABBA, she is one of the world’s most successful stars. But she has also had her share of tragedy.
In January 1998, her daughter Ann Lise-Lotte died in a car accident, only 30 years old.
In October 1999, her husband, the Swiss Prince Ruzzo Reuss, died of lymphoma. He was 49.
- What I experienced might make that experience a great loneliness which gradually become natural to me, says the usually media-shy Anni-Frid in an interview broadcast on NRK program “Skavlan» Friday.
Her mother was Norwegian, German father. Her mother died only 21 years old, and Anni-Frid was strongly attached to her grandmother Arntine growing up just outside Narvik.
- Sometimes I think that I'm similar to my grandmother, who I grew up with, says Anni-Frid, who applied for Swedish citizenship when she was 16.
She says that she is doing an autobiography, coming “when she is ready.”
Present in the studio is also Desmond Tutu, to talk about a book about forgiveness. To him she said:
- I’ve been in situations where I’ve been in trouble, but where I’ve thought that when there is so much forgiveness in the world, I have to do it too.
Anni-Frid Reuss, as she is called today, is a billionaire and considerably richer than their higher-profile colleague Agnetha Fältskog.
She lives in a Swiss mountain village and, according to Swedish Expressen has a fortune of 1.8 billion Swedish crowns. More than 30 years after ABBA split up.
Totally lazy – she is not. Soon she'll present a clothing line aimed for skiing.
- I thought a few years ago that I have to do something creative, and found that ski clothing is “Tråk matters.” So I contacted a ski-clothes manufacturing company and in December, the first collection will be available. 
The journalist responds by praising her business interest
- My relationship with money is that I am as careful as children. It’s about being scared of losing what I’ve got. As a child I collected on the dime. Today I live a simple but comfortable life.
Metal band “In Flames” are also guests at Skavlan, and admit that they have stolen from Abba.
- Did you, did you ask for permission, then? Hehe. My grandson has started with heavy metal, says Anni-Frid.
Grandson Jonathan (24), who now lives in the United States, is the son of Ann Lise-Lotte, and was just a little boy when his mother suddenly passed away.
Anni-Frid can also talk about ABBA; they release the double live album “Live At Wembley Arena,” with recordings from 1979, this coming Monday.
She has previously stated that it is unacceptable to resume her solo career.
- But one should never say never. I like to sing, she says now, and reveals that she actually gives out a song in December – a tribute to the Matterhorn, as it is almost 150 years since it was climbed for the first time. The title is “1865”.
In Switzerland, she is on the list of the 300 wealthiest residents, who each year are published in the journal Bilanz. She is in good company on the list; celebrities such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Michael Schumacher and IKEA Ingvar Kamprad-billionaire has been on the same list.
In Zermatt, where she has lived since her husband died, you can often find her shopping in the local grocery store. In addition to the residence in Switzerland, she houses in Sweden and Mallorca.
Anni-Frid lives today with the British nobleman Henry Smith (58) who is the heir to the British store chain WH Smith. They met in 2008 and made the relationship public during the premiere of “Mamma Mia” in London.

ABBA-Frida has put words to the tragedies in her life.
SVT:s talkshow "Skavlan" on Friday Frida, 68 makes a rare performance. When the show was taped the ABBA-icon that she us working on a book about her life. A life filled wit pop star dreams coming true but also of deep sorrow. In 1998 her 30 year old daughter Ann Lise-Lotte Casper in a car accident in the USA. The following year Anni-Frid's husband, price Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen from cancer. He was only 49 years old.
– I have always written a lot. Nothing that I have published. But in my pivate life it has helped me go throughs things,

The book will not be just a regular memoir and the date for publishing is't decided yet.

- I would more call it a "story" not just a "memoir",

- But of course I am involved but in a bif of a different way she tells Fredrik Skavlan.

Anni-Frid Synny Lyngstad was born in Norwy, and were almost only two years old when her mother died. She grew up with her grandmother in Sweden. 1986 she moved to Switzerland for the love of her prince.
"Loneliness became my companion"

During the recording of the "Skavlan" show the singer also talk about the great loneliness she has experienced during her life.

- A rather big loneliness which in the beginning bothered me, but has grown to something she appreciates and has become a friend during the years. I actually enjoy it now that we have bec ome "friends". It doesn't bother me, I ejnjoy it as well.
Apart from her successfull music career Anni-Frid has Anni-Frid has been very involved in environmental issues. That part of my life will also be written about in the book.
- I want to write a story with ecological parts since I hadworked with it earlier a lot and I'm still very close to nature.

Video Skavlan photosessions:



"IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NIGHTS" ("Si no fuese por las noches") es la canción de Abba que hoy escuchamos en la remezcla de Matt Pop.

"IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NIGHTS" is the Abba song, which we listen today in the Matt Pop mix.

Audio "IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NIGHTS", Abba (Matt Pop Mix):



Vuelve la voz sensual de Rumer con un nuevo álbum "INTO COLOUR" ("Hacia el color") en noviembre y ya se puede escuchar su primer single "DANGEROUS" ("Peligroso") que tiene un toque disco. Incluimos tracklista arriba y enlace más abajo.

Rumer's sensual voice is back with a new album "INTO COLOUR" in November and you can already listen to the first single "DANGEROUS" with a disco touch. Including tracklist above and link below.

Video Rumer album trailer:

Video "DANGEROUS", Rumer (in the studio): ENLACE-LINK

Video "REACH OUT", Rumer (in the studio):

Enlace / Link:

Listen to Rumer's new song Dangerous



Annie estrena su primer video de su nuevo último álbum de versiones "NOSTALGIA" con "I PUT A SPELL ON YOU" ("Te he hechizado") y aquí lo traemos. La canción escrita por Screamin Jay Hawkins, ha tenido numerosas versiones, entre otras, de Nina Simone, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bryan Ferry...

Annie premieres her first video from her new and latest album of cover songs "NOSTALGIA" with "I PUT A SPELL ON YOU" and here it is. The song written by Screamin Jay Hawkins, has had many different versions, among others, by Nina Simone, Creedence Clearwater, Bryan Ferry...


Audio "I PUT A SPELL ON YOU", Nina Simone:

Video "I PUT A SPELL ON YOU", Creedence Clearwater Revival:

Video "I PUT A SPELL ON YOU", Bryan Ferry: (con la presencia/featuring Rossy de Palma)



Nueva remezcla de Matt Pop sobre "UNDER ATTACK" ("Bajo amenaza") de Abba.

New Matt Pop mix on Abba's "UNDER ATTACK".

Audio "UNDER ATTACK", Abba (Matt Pop Mix):



Cierre del Festival de la Luz: Luz+Los Secretos

Luz no para, el jueves pasado en Atenas, el finde en Boimorto y anoche en "El Hormiguero" de Antena3 con Álvaro Urquijo promocionando su próximo concierto en Las Ventas del próximo jueves 18 junto con Los Secretos. Y seguirá...

Luz non-stop, last Thursday in Athens, at the weekend in Boimorto and last night at "El Hormiguero" on Antena3 with Alvaro Urquijo promoting her next concert at Las Ventas (Madrid) next Thursday 18th with Los Secretos. And she'll carry on...

Video Festival da Luz 2014, Boimorto:



Hoy es el día previsto para el estreno del nuevo video de Sole Giménez, su versión renovada y en solitario de "CÓMO HEMOS CAMBIADO", que ha realizado con la ayuda de sus muchos fans. Aquí está ya.

Today is the set day for the premiere of Sole Gimenez's new video, her renewed and solo version of "CÓMO HEMOS CAMBIADO" ("How we've changed"), which she has made up with the help of her fans. Here it is right now.

Video "COMO HEMOS CAMBIADO" (2014), Sole Giménez:



Frida aparece nombrada como una de las mujeres más inteligentes, inspiradoras e icónicas del mundo en el blog "Ladies of the World", con la foto superior y el texto en inglés que incluímos más abajo.

Frida is named one of the most intelligent, inspiring and iconic women in the world on the blog "Ladies of the World", with the photo above and the text we include below.

Princess Anni-Frid Synni Reuss
Princess Anni-Frid Synni Reuss, Countess of Plauen was born in Norway in 1945 to a Norwegian mother and a German father. Then known as Anni-Frid Synni-Lyngstad, she grew up in Sweden and demonstrated musical talent from an early age. Anni-Frid enjoyed a successful solo career before finding International fame as a member of ABBA. She has been married three times first to a salesman, secondly to fellow musician Benny Andersson and finally to Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss of Plauen who died of lymphoma in 1999. Anni-Frid lives in Zermatt, Switzerland with her current partner, Henry Smith, 5th Viscount Hambleden, a descendant of the founders of stationary group W.H Smith.



Víctor Manuel celebró ayer y hoy su 50 aniversario en la música con dos conciertos en Oviedo (Asturias) y muchos invitados (Ana Belén, El Gran Wyoming, Estopa, Hevia, Ismael Serrano, Serrat, Aute, Miguel Poveda, Miguel Ríos, Pablo Milanés, Pedro Guerra, Rosendo, Sole Giménez, entre otros...) en un espectáculo llamado "50 AÑOS NO ES NADA", que suponemos acabará en disco.

Victor Manuel celebrated yesterdat and today his 50th anniversary in music with two concerts in Oviedo (Asturias) and many guests (Ana Belén, El Gran Wyoming, Estopa, Hevia, Ismael Serrano, Serrat, Aute, Miguel Poveda, Miguel Ríos, Pablo Milanés, Pedro Guerra, Rosendo, Sole Giménez, among others...) in a show called "50 AÑOS NO ES NADA" ("50 years is nothing"), which we guess will end up as an album.

Enlaces / Links:
 +info: "50 AÑOS NO ES NADA", Víctor Manuel.
críticas/reviews in Spanish 
@ InfoLibre: 

Víctor Manuel sube al escenario a sus amigos para celebrar sus 50 años de carrera

@ Diario de Navarra:


1.Danza de San Juan
2.La romería
3.La sirena
4.El hijo del ferroviario
5.Cómo voy a olvidarme
6.Cuélebre - con Chus Pedro y Hevia
7.La planta 14 - con Marisa Valle Roso y Hevia
8.Paxarinos - con Hevia, Chus Pedro y Marisa Valle Roso
9.Por el camino de Mieres - con Hevia, Chus Pedro, Marisa Valle Roso
10.Nada nuevo bajo el sol
11.Canción para Pilar
12.Contamíname - con Ana Belén
13.Ay amor
14.Nada sabe tan dulce como su boca
15.Canción pequeña - con Pedro Guerra
16.Canción de la esperanza - con Rosendo
17.Me gusta saber de ti
18.Adónde irán los besos - con Aute
19.Sube al desván
20.Quiero abrazarte tanto - con Ismael Serrano
21.Bailarina - con David San José
22.Esto no es una canción
23.La madre - con Sole Giménez
24.Déjame en paz - con El Gran Wyoming
25.Asturias - con Miguel Poveda
26.Luna - con Rozalén
27.Tu boca una nube blanca - con Pablo Milanés
28.Soy un corazón tendido al sol - con Estopa
29.Sólo pienso en ti - con Miguel Ríos
30.El abuelo Vítor - con Serrat
31.La puerta de Alcalá - con Ana Belén
32.Asturias - con todos los invitados
33.La madre - con Soleá Morente



Luz abarrotó anoche la Acrópolis de Atenas, como podéis ver en esta foto colgada en su Twitter. Incluímos crítica. De Atenas a Boimorto, donde este finde celebrará su III Festival de la Luz.

Luz crowded the Acropolis in Athens last night, as you can see in the photo posted in her Twitter. Including review in Spanish. From Athens to Boimort, where this weekend her III Festival de la Luz will be held.

Enlace / Link: Entrevista a Luz para "EL CULTURAL"



Siguiendo con las celebraciones del 40 aniversario de Abba, después del nuevo álbum en vivo que sale a finales de mes, se promete otra novedad más para el 10 de noviembre: la edición deluxe de "GRACIAS POR LA MÚSICA", el primer álbum con las versiones en español de las canciones del grupo. Esta reedición del álbum original de 1980, contará con los bonus tracks del total de las canciones que los suecos grabaron en castellano, lo que lo convertirá realmente en una reedición del "ABBA ORO". Como novedad incluirá un folleto con informaciones de Buddy y Mary McCluskey que realizaron las adaptaciones y Ana Martínez del Valle que ayudaron a Agnetha y Frida con las pronunciaciones. También habrá un DVD de 40 minutos con videos antiguos y actuaciones televisivas.

Continuing with the celebrations of Abba's 40th anniversary, after the release of their new live album later this month, another new released is promised for November 10th: the "GRACIAS POR LA MÚSICA" deluxe edition, the first album with the Spanish versions of the band's songs. This rerelease of the original 1980 album will feature the bonus tracks of all the songs the Suedes recorded in Spanish, what will actually mean a rerelease of "ABBA ORO". It will also feature a new booklet with new insights by Buddy & Mary McCluskey, who adapted the songs and Ana Martinez del Valle, who coached Agnetha and Frida with the pronunciation. There will also be a 40-min DVD with old videos and TV performances.


Disc 01, CD:
1.  Gracias por la música
– Thank You For The MUSIC –
2.  Reina danzante
– Dancing Queen –
3.  Al andar
– Move On –
4.  ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame!
– Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) –
5.  Fernando
6.  Estoy soñando
– I Have A Dream –
7.  Mamma mía
8.  HASTA mañana
9.  Conociéndome, conociéndote
– Knowing Me, Knowing You –
10. Chiquitita
Bonus tracks
11.  Ring ring
12.  Andante, andante
13.  Felicidad
– Happy New Year –
14.  No hay a quien culpar
– When All Is Said And Done –
15.  Se me está ESCAPANDO
– Slipping Through My Fingers –
Disc 02, DVD:
1. Chiquitita (300 millones, TVE)
2. Chiquitita (Aplauso, TVE)
3. Estoy soñando (promo clip)
4. ABBA On Spanish TV (Especial Aplauso 100, TVE)
Conociéndome, conociéndote (promo clip)
Gracias por la música (promo clip)
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame!
5. Felicidad (promo clip)
6. No hay a quien culpar (promo clip)
7. International Sleeve Gallery


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