Con el fin de setiembre, llega el tercer video-single de Alison Moyet extraído de su último álbum "THE MINUTES" ("Los minutos"). Os estrenamos "CHANGELING" ("Cambio").

At the end of September, Alison Moyet's third video-single arrives taken from her latest album "THE MINUTES". We're premiering "CHANGELING".

Video "CHANGELING", Alison Moyet:


Todavía otra rápida entrevista con Sharleen Spiteri a Express.co.uk de ayer. Aquí en inglés, donde confiesa que no pueda pasar por delante de un Zara (Inditex, A Coruña) sin comprar.

Yet another quick interview with Sharleen Spiteri to yesterday's Express.co.uk, below, where she confesses that she can't pass by a Zara (inditex, A Coruña) without buying something.

[Simon Cage]

Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri: 'I’m totally not cool and I don’t care'

Texas singer Sharleen, 45, lives in London with her daughter Misty, 11, and partner Bryn Interview by Simon Gage

Not a lot of people know this but I’m very good at... hair. I was a hairdresser, and a really good one. I still cut everyone’s hair, including my daughter Misty’s and my boyfriend’s. I can wind a perm and I can even do a set.
My nickname is… Spitz, though at school I was known as Spit the Dog because Tiswas was massive then.
My favourite TV show is... Breaking Bad. And I loved The Fall, with Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. That was so scary.
My perfect evening is... cooking some good food, having some friends round, a couple of bottles of wine, kids running around the garden and going to bed early while the adults carry on a bit.
I’d like to say sorry to... no one. If I’ve needed to say sorry, I’ve already said it. And I’ve done that plenty of times.
My first kiss was... when I was 12. My cousin ran over me on his Chopper. I had a cut lip, and this older boy who was in the army gave me a kiss on the cheek to say, “You’ll be OK.” I was besotted.
My biggest regret is... not having four or five children. I might have another one but I’m 46 this year so four or five are not going to happen.
The one thing I’d change about myself is... my nose is all over the shop so I’d like to straighten it. And I’d love to be tall and skinny, but small people look better on stage.
The best thing my parents taught me was... when you decide to have sex with someone, make sure that person knows they’re getting the greatest gift in the world. So I saved it and saved it and saved it.
The last time I cried was… when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. I was like, “Please, Andy, don’t cry,” then I started welling up.
The first record I ever bought was…Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello when I was about 10 years old. I still love it today – it’s on a playlist on my phone called “Tracks of my Youth”.
It’s not good for my image but I like... I don’t have an image. I’m totally not cool and I don’t care.
My greatest weakness is... my daughter. She’s the one person that can get round me, though I can be really strict because I care so much.
If I could pass any law I would... make everyone be nicer to everyone. I drive... a Mercedes G-Wagen, one of those big, square ones that carries loads of people.
The shop I can’t walk past is… Zara and Cos. There are always good bits and pieces in there. They have nice necks. I like a high neck – I don’t want a neckline down here, like Oliver Tobias.
The most expensive thing I’ve ever splashed out on is… a car for my mum and dad. They were blown away, in tears.
My perfect Sunday is... a roast. Chicken, gravy – I love gravy – Yorkshires and roast potatoes in duck fat with crunchy bits.
My favourite place in Britain is... my home town, Glasgow.
My last holiday was… St Lucia, last year. It was lovely. Totally lazy –I did absolutely nothing.
The best day of my life was… when I gave birth to my daughter.  I just remember thinking, “Why has she not got a big mop of black hair? Why is my child platinum blonde?” She’s still as blonde as anything.



Ayer, una nueva entrevista de Alison Moyet en MailOnLine para conocerla un poco mejor. Aquí en inglés.

Yesterday another interview with Alison Moyet on MailOnLine to get to know a bit better. Here it is below.

[Rachel Corcoran]

What is your earliest memory?

I was at a child minder’s when I was about two. I was sitting on  the floor alone in her empty living room and on the wall she had a moulded plate of a watermill scene. I remember thinking life was happening inside it. I’ve been looking for that scene ever since.

What sort of child were you?

My pre-school nickname was ‘Stamina’. I made things – my  dad was a printer and we always had inks and paper around. Anything was allowed so long as it involved physical endeavour. Once I decided they needed a new flowerbed in the middle of the lawn, so I dug them a hole. I loved exploring and wandering alone in the wrecked houses on old plots of land. I was the kind of child Katie Hopkins from The Apprentice would not allow her children to associate with.

When did you last feel really happy?

Yesterday. I went to the studio to rehearse, only I took the bus from the bottom of my road in Brighton. Life felt straightforward. I was going to work to do some singing and I was a part of the real world and I could see the sea. How brilliant is that?

How do you relax?

It is not how I relax, it is how to motivate myself. Relaxing comes easily; my job is punctuated by a lot of waiting so you learn to be still and patient. I can relax in a dentist’s waiting room. I read, watch rubbish telly and brilliant films. I walk the lanes and the seafront. I bathe till my fingers look like Nora Batty’s stockings.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Defying a life without prospects. I was attracted to the stage but wasn’t allowed to audition for school plays because people would say, ‘What would we want someone like you for?’ I dropped out of school and into jobs in which I also failed to shine. Changing that for my children is a source of great pleasure; they’ve accomplished so much more than me and have choices that I did not. 

And your biggest disappointment?

That I have not been able to undo the baggage I carry. Those close to me would say I think too much. I deconstruct everything and it’s exhausting. Not only am I floored by unkindnesses, but anything I’ve done that hurts someone else haunts me for years.

What are you best at and what would you like to be better at?

For someone without much education, I’m good with words but bad with admin. I’d like to be better in emergencies, too. My daughter was once howling with pain in the early hours. My husband took control... I fell over because the noise made me faint.

What is your best and worst characteristic?

I’m emotionally generous; I don’t withhold and I see beauty in everyone. My worst is self-loathing. I feel ridiculous and odd. My knowledge of current affairs is woeful and my memory is like a colander. 

What would your dream dinner date be?

Back at my parents’ table with my siblings, on a happy day, like Easter. The tablecloth came out, Dad bought lemonade, there was no shouting, Mum cooked and they were both well. Then the ice cream van stopped and we got a raspberry ripple block and it ended with Jason And The Argonauts on the telly.

Who are you closest to?

I’m closest in different ways to many people . . . but I am at my most naked with my husband.

What is your biggest fear?

Dementia. I have seen Alzheimer’s affect a number of people in my family and I’ve witnessed nothing more heartbreaking. 

What or who do you dream about?

As a child I had a recurring dream about being alone in a rose garden and a large male entity of carbon and soot was bearing down on me. I picked up a chair and threw it at him and his  arm fell off, but still he came. I laughed and told him I was dreaming and he couldn’t hurt me – and I always woke up.

Who do you most admire?

I love someone brave enough to moon at the fashion police. 

What is your most treasured possession?

I don’t care much about things. I don’t own anything I couldn’t bear to lose. But that said, I like my coffee-maker.

What is your favourite word and why?

‘Yes’ is brilliant unless it’s the answer to ‘Am I an a***hole?’

Describe the best night of your life

My son’s wedding: food, dancing, family and love. The sun shone all day and it was wonderful to catch up with my ex-husband and his beautiful wife, and together with my husband David it was a delight for us all to see our lad marry his darling girl.

Where would you like to live?

I recently moved after living in the same house for 30 years. It was soulless but somewhere I could hole up. Now, in Brighton life is proving to be pretty perfect and I want to live here.

What is your motto?

‘The sooner we get on, the sooner we get off.’



Ya podéis escuchar lo que será el nuevo single de Keane incluído en su recopilatorio, "HIGHER THAN THE SUN" ("Más alto que el sol"). Aquí el audio del single que saldrá el 11 de noviembre.

You can already listen to what will be Keane's new single included in their compilation, "HIGHER THAN THE SUN". Here's the audio of the single which will be out on November 11th.




Laura Pausini regresa con un nuevo recopilatorio "20 GREATEST HITS", para celebrar sus 20 años en la música, que incluye un nuevo dúo de la Pausini y Kylie Minogue "LIMPIO" y se acompaña de una gira mundial. No es el único dúo, también canta "SONRÍE" con Gloria Estefan, aunque ésta pertenezca al álbum de versiones de Gloria. Aquí incluímos los audios de ambas canciones.

Laura Pausini is back with a new compilation "20 GREATEST HITS", to celebrate her 20 years in thus music business, which includes a new duet of Pausini with Kylie Minogue "LIMPIO" ("Clean") and is accompanied by a world tour. It's not her only duet, she also sings "SONRÍE" with Gloria Estefan, although this song belongs to Gloria's covers album. Here are the two audios of the songs.

Mira el video oficial aquí / Watch the official video here: "LIMPIDO/LIMPIO".
Audio "LIMPIO", Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue:

Audio "LIMPIDO/LIMPIO", Laura Pausini & Kylie  Minogue (Italian-Spanish-English):

Audio "SONRÍE", Gloria Estefan &; Laura Pausini:



Os traemos hoy una versión a guitarra de una canción de Abba "AS GOOD AS NEW" ("Como si fuera nuevo") interpretada por Sound of Strings un dúo sueco que interpreta con guitarras, sin duda una versión diferente.

We bring today a cover version on guitar of Abba's "AS GOOD AS NEW" performed by Swedish guitar duo Sound of Strings. Undoubtedly a very different version.

Video "AS GOOD AS NEW", Abba:

Video "AS GOOD AS NEW", Sound of Strings:



Hoy traemos el video de una canción del último álbum de Frida "DJUPA ANDERTAG" ("Profundos suspiros"). La canción "SISTA VALSEN MED DIG" ("Último vals contigo") con subtitulos en español para entenderlo mejor.

Today we're bringing the video of a song from Frida's last album "DJUPA ANDERTAG" ("Deep breaths"). The song "SISTA VALSEN MED DIG" ("Last waltz with you") with Spanish subtitles to understand it better.

Video "SISTA VALSEN MED DIG", Frida (+Spanish subtitles):


Björn Ulvaeus critica abiertamente al Islam en una entrevista concedida al Wall Street Journal, diciendo que "menos religión, sería lo mejor". Björn es miembro de una asociación humanista que aboga por una sociedad más abierta y secular. Debajo tenéis fragmentos de la entrevista en inglés en un artículo de The Local.se.

Björn Ulvaeus criticizes Islam in an interview to Wall Street Journal, saying that "less religion, would be better". Björn, who is member of a Humanist association which campaigns for a more open and secular society. Below you've got part of the interview as appeared in an article in TheLocal.se.

Enlace / Link:  BJÖRN'S WALL STREET JOURNAL  interview + BJÖRN WSJ video

'Far too few dare criticize Islam': Abba star

Abba legend Björn Ulvaeus has made veiled criticisms of Islam in a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal saying "less religion in the world would be better".
"Look at all the misery in the Middle East for example. All these countries have Islam in common, and far too few dare to criticize Islam as an ideology, and what it's doing to these countries," the 68-year-old told the paper.

"I know I might get punched in the face for saying these things, but my conviction is that less religion in the world would be better."

Ulvaeus, who caused controversy earlier this year for making insensitive comments about the Boston Marathon disaster, was keen to point out his views weren't targeted towards a particular faith or people who practice religion. 

He is a member of Humanisterna (Swedish Humanist Association) which campaigns for an end to religious oppression and an open secular society. 

Ulvaeus said his native Sweden is an "open, liberal, secular and democratic country" that is not overly religious. 

"Religion is the root of so much misery in the world and I've always thought there is lack of criticism against it," he continued.

In 2009 Ulvaeus made a plea to the Swedish government to rethink its policy on faith-based schools. 

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life," he said in a column published on The Local. 

The former member of the seventies pop quartet said that Sweden should stop using tax money to fund private religious schools.

"A religious education makes it more difficult for children to form their own views on the world. It puts obstacles in their way that not all are capable of overcoming," he said.

Ulvaeus also killed off any prospect of an Abba reunion by saying he wants the fans to remember them during the heyday. 

"I don’t think that four geriatrics wheeled on stage is what we should leave as our legacy," he said. 


FRIDA: ENCANTADA CON EL NUEVO LIBRO SOBRE ABBA / delighted with Abba's new book

Por la red circula esta nueva foto de Frida echando un vistazo a la maquetación del nuevo libro "ABBA The Official Photo Book". "Estoy emocionada con todas estas fotos, alguna de las cuales estoy viendo ahora por primera vez. El libro ofrece un verdadero viaje al pasado", comentó Frida.

Through the web there's this new photo of Frida taking a look at the layout of the new "ABBA The Official Photo Book". “I am thrilled with all of these pictures, some of which I am seeing now for the very first time. The book provides a real trip down memory lane” says Frida. 



Se confirma nuevo disco de Luz Casal en noviembre titualdo "ALMAS GEMELAS", que ha sido grabado en los estudios East West de Los Ángeles, California. Incluye, entre otras, una canción compuesta por el griego Vangelis. Estrenó el single en el Festival de la Luz, celebrado en Boimorto (A Coruña) el pasado fin de semana. Os mantendremos informados.

Luz Casal's new album has been confirmed for November entitled "ALMAS GEMELAS" ("Twin souls"), recorded at the East West studios in Los Angeles, California. It includes, among others, a song written by Vangelis. The single was premiered last weekend at the Festival de la Luz, held in Boimorto (A Coruña). We'll keep you updated.

¿Por qué no vuelves, amor?
Ella y yo
No me cuentes tu vida
Si vas al olvido
Otro tiempo
Almas gemelas
Si pudiera
Vuelvo a mi lugar
[añadido edición especial]
O amor en paz
Mi sono innamorata de ti
Ho chapito che ti amo
Jardin d'hiver
Amazone, à la vie



Se anuncian nuevos libros de Abba:
"Let's Talk About ABBA", escrito por Stany Van Wymeersch, se editará en noviembre. Incluye más de 40 entrevistas exclusivas con gente que tienen una conexión con Abba, gráficos originales y viejas y nuevas fotos que nunca antes se habían publicado.
"ABBA: THE OFFICIAL PHOTO BOOK". Hoy se puede ver un avance e información exclusiva de cómo hacer un pre-pedido de estas ediciones limitades para coleccionistas. El libro se editará la próxima primavera. 
+ información @ ABBA THE OFFICIAL PHOTOBOOK y en el video inferior.

New Abba books have been announced:
"Let’s Talk About ABBA", written by Stany Van Wymeersch, will be released in November. It includes more than 40 exclusive interviews with people who have an ABBA connection, original graphics and photos old and new, many of which have never been published before.
"ABBA : THE OFFICIAL PHOTO BOOK". Get a sneak preview and exclusive info today on how to pre-order the strictly limited Collector’s Editions. The book will be published in spring next year. + info @ ABBA THE OFFICIAL PHOTOBOOK and on the video below.

Your Money, Money, Money please - Abba ask fans 




Budiño, Luz y Carlos Blanco

Hoy y mañana se celebrará en la aldea de Orros, parroquia de Andabao, Boimorto (A Coruña) la segunda edición del "Festival de la Luz", organizado por Luz Casal en su aldea natal. Las entradas están agotadas para ver a Miss CafeínaMaryland, Holywater, Igloo o The Christians, hasta un total de 26 grupos y a pesar de las cancelaciones de the Spin Doctors y Alamedasoulna. Más información en los enlaces inferiores.

The village of Orros, parish of Andabao, Boimorto (A Coruña) will hold today and tomorrow the second edition of the "Festival de la Luz", organizaed by Luz Casal in her home-village. Tickets are sold out to see Miss CafeínaMaryland, Holywater, Igloo or The Christians, up to 26 groups altogether and despite Spin Doctors and Alamedasoulna cancellations. Mor info in Spanish at the links below.


Video "NEGRA SOMBRA", Luz @FestivalDlaLuz (Boimorto, 2012):



Foto: Bertil Enevag Ericsson

Hace diez años la política sueca Anna Lindh fue asesinada en una calle de Estocolmo apuñalada. Personalidades suecas e internacionales la han recordado esta semana. Entre ellos, Benny Andersson y su banda con Helen Sjöholm interpretaron dos canciones en un concierto en su memoria el pasado miércoles por la noche. Antes en la semana, Benny asistió a una noche de reflexión en la iglesia Katerina de Estocolmo (en la foto) donde también tocó.

Ten years ago Swedish politician was killed in a Stockholm street after being stabbed. She has been remembered throughout this week by Swedish and international celebrities. Among them, Benny Andersson and his band with Helen Sjöholm performed two songs in a memorial concert last Wednesday night.  Earlier this week, Benny attended an evening of reflection at Katerina's church in Stockholm (in the photo) where he also played.



Dos de nuestros discos del año aparecen nominados al mejor álbum del año de los World Music Awards. Más abajo tenéis el enlace para votarlos.

Two of our records of the year appear nominated for the best album of the year in the World Music Awards. Below you have the link to vote for them.


+ HYDE PARK (8-SEPT-2013)

Más videos de gente que pasó por Hyde Park el pasado domingo... Simple Minds, James Blunt...

More videos of people that performed at Hyde Park last Sunday... Simple Minds, James Blunt...

Video "DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME", Simple Minds:

Video "BONFIRE HEART", James Blunt:



Este pasado finde (domingo 8), Texas actuaron en el Hyde Park de Londres dentro del concierto para Radio 2 Live. Aquí traemos videos de la actuación y una nueva entrevista previa con Sharleen en inglés para TheUpcoming.co.uk.

Last weekend (Sunday, 8th), Texas performed at London Hyde Park in the Radio 2 Live concert. Here are videos of the performance and a new interview with Sharleen previous to the performance for TheUpcoming.co.uk.

Video "DRY YOUR EYES", Texas @ Hyde Park:

Video Texas accoustic @ Hyde Park:

An interview with Texas’ Sharleen Spiteri ahead of their comeback tour

The lead singer of Texas sits down with us to discuss playing Hyde Park, their new grown-up sound and the creative freedom behind latest album The Conversation.
You’ve been rather busy over the last few months, how does it feel to be back in Hyde Park?
Amazing. Yeah it’s just one of those things where after such a long time away (and we’re no spring chickens), we think “How are people going to react?” and “What’s it going to be like?” or “Is anyone going to be interested?”
When you’re making the record you don’t think of that stuff, but suddenly when it comes to the reality that you’ve released the album and you think, “Oh shit, maybe people don’t like us anymore! We’re going to seem really naff.” But then people have had such a great reaction to it and especially a lot of younger people. You’re getting 20-year olds saying “I love Texas” and you’re a bit like, “Really? How does that work?” It turns out that they were six-year-olds in their mums’ cars when Texas was at their height, listening to us on the radio.
How does it compare to some of the more intimate gigs you’ve done quite recently?
To be honest, put me on a stage and I’m happy, I don’t really care. But it’s a bit funny doing something like [Hyde Park] because it’s not your own stage and normally when you’re playing big stages a lot there’s a big ramp and you’re 50 miles away from the audience. Here there’s a giant ramp and it’s all wet, and I’m going to make a complete cod of myself here in front of thousands of people. I tentatively head down them as I’ve had a habit of falling recently.
What’s your favourite song to play live?
Favourite Texas song? Probably Say What You Want because it has its ups and downs, and a big melody at the end. Other songs I love playing River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner just because its one of the greatest songs ever written. I enjoyed doing Jackson with Richard Hawley; that was fun, when the two of us could eventually hear what we were doing.
Are you looking forward to going out on the road again?
I’m excited and looking forward to it. It’s going to be funny doing three days on, one day off. It’s going to be good. You know it’ll be interesting because we’re going to be doing a few legs and yeah, that’s hard. It’s been interesting because we’ve had festival season all summer. We were in Gibraltar last night actually, got in at 3am, and to be able to put a lot more of the new songs within the set is going to be really interesting. The Conversation has a lot of really beautiful songs so I’m looking forward to mixing them with a lot of the old Texas stuff. There are a lot of people to see, there’s a lot of time, so hopefully we’ll also get some new audiences alongside that as well.
What’s your favourite song off the new album?
I’d have to say Dry Your Eyes, just because of everything it stands for, because it was written during a very drunken night. The inspiration was when one of your mates calls you and goes “I’m coming over with a couple of bottles of wine”, and she sits with you in the kitchen and gives you the news that she wants to divorce her husband, and you go “Ok here we go, it’s going to be a long night.”
It’s not like being 20 or 25 and saying “Ah I don’t love him anymore, I want to move on”, suddenly you get to a certain age in life, like 40-something, where you make decisions in your life that has an effect on your children, your grandparents, the family around you. It’s having the balls to make that decision and the time when it’s happening you’re so scared because you can’t see any good outcome. A lot of times children adapt and their life is better because they’ve had two parents who want to rip each other’s heads off, it’s making everything right for your kids and making it right for the family, that’s what Dry Your Eyes was written about.
How is the new album different to anything you’ve done before?
We weren’t signed to Universal anymore – we’d finished a deal. I guess they saw that if we ever did make another record that we’d automatically sign back to Universal because we’d been signed there for 26 years. And we just made a record because we really wanted to make it, and having the label was great because there was no deadline. The deadline is always the killer.
We always found they said “There needs to be a collaboration” or “There needs to be this hit”, and you’re just like “yeah yeah”. A lot of the time when you’re making records you end up saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” to everything and doing the complete opposite anyway. When you’re saying all that “Yeah, we’re doing it”, it’s just to keep the peace really.
With this [album] there was no peace-keeping, it was just music, and we worked with a few different people, some of whom are mates and everything just came naturally. It wasn’t costing any money, you know, there weren’t any budgets or someone saying, “You’ll get into this studio and work with this producer”. We’re just making music and it felt like the beginning again, with a whole load of catalogue behind us. So it was nice, it was very nice.
Is there anyone that you’re quite excited to see play today?
I did see a bit of Simple Minds and I’m going to watch Manic Street Preachers. I’ve got some friends here so I’ll go and see them as well. But then I have to go home and make a birthday cake for my daughter, who’s 11 tomorrow. I’ve had strict instructions that I have to do a rainbow cake. I was in Gibraltar yesterday and I received an email with the YouTube link of how to do a rainbow cake. I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t have that much food colouring in the house. I even got a call on the way here saying “Never mind that you’re playing in Hyde Park, when are we going to make the rainbow cake?”
Jessica Spiro 



En la entrada anterior os presentábamos la nueva película de Richard Curtis y el tema central de la banda sonora "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?" ("¿Cuánto tiempo te querré?") en la voz de Ellie Goulding. Pues bien, la versión original es del grupo irlandés The Waterboys, y aquí presentamos estas dos versiones y una tercera por el noruego Askil Holm  y la letra en inglés.

In the previous post we presented Richard Curtis' new film and the main theme from the original soundtrack "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?" in the voice of Ellie Goulding. Actually, the original version is by the Irish band The Waterboys, so here we show you today both versions plus a third by Norwegian Askil Holm and the lyrics.

Audio "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?", Ellie Goulding:

Audio "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?", The Waterboys:

Audio "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?", Askil Holm:

Video "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?", Askil Holm live:

Letra / lyrics:
How long will I love you 
As long as there are stars above you 
And longer if I can 

How long will I need you 
As long as the seasons need to 
Follow their plan 

How long will I be with you 
AS long as the sea is bound to 
Wash upon the sand 

How long will I want you 
As long as you want me to 
And longer by far 

How long will I hold you 
As long as your father told you 
As long as you are 

How long will I give to you 
As long as I live through you 
However long you say 

How long will I love you 
As long as stars are above you 
And longer if I may



Richard Curtis, el creador de "Cuatro bodas y un funeral", "Notting Hill" y "Love Actually" vuelve con una nueva película "About Time". Recordamos sus tres películas y la nueva con este video y la canción "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?" ("¿Cuánto tiempo te querré?") de Ellie Goulding.

Richard Curtis, the creator of "Four weddings and a funeral", "Notting Hill" & "Love Actually" is back with a new film "About Time". We remember his three films and the new one with this video and the song "HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU?" by Ellie Goulding.
Video Richard Curtis' four films:

  Film preview videos:

"ABOUT TIME" banda sonora tracklist original soundtrack:
Soundtrack sampler:



Ya os hemos comentado aquí sobre el regreso de Marilia Casares (ex-Ella Baila Sola), diez años después. Hoy os presentamos su primer video "MARILYN Y SUPERMAN".

We've already commented here about (ex-Ella Baila Sola) Marilia Casares'  comeback, ten years after. Today we're premiering her first video "MARILYN Y SUPERMAN":

Video "MARILYN Y SUPERMAN", Marilia Casares:

APPA, "GIBRALTAR": HUMOR, OTRA VEZ... / Humour, again...

De nuevo, un nuevo chiste político a costa de Abba... ¿Recordáis la anterior? Aquí.

Again, a new political joke based on an Abba photo... Remember the previous? Here.

Como siempre, nos quedamos con la original, Abba y "Waterloo"l:

As always, we prefer the original, Abba & "Waterloo":



Hoy recordamos un dueto espectacular que fue todo un éxito cuando se editó en 1987 combinando las voces de Aretha Franklin y George Michael. Escrito por Simon Climie y Dennis Morgan. Fue nº1 en el Reino Unido, el primero y único de Aretha. Disfrutadlo.

Today we remember a spectacular duet which was a hit when it was released in 1987 combining Aretha Franklin & George Michael's voices. Written by Simon Climie and Dennis Morgan. It was nº1 in the UK, the first and only one for Aretha. Enjoy it.

Video "I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING", Aretha Franklin & George Michael:



Así de guapa aparecía Sharleen anoche a la gala de los premios GQ Hombres del Año en la Royal Opera House de Londres.

So beautiful appeared Sharleen at the GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in London last night.

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