Van pasando los años... Hoy acabamos el 2012. La serie de TV "Cuéntame" nos va recordando las recientes décadas pasadas de nuestro país. Bosé se convierte en el nuevo intérprete de la sintonía del programa "CUÉNTAME", tras Ana Belén y su hijo David San José, Pitingo, Rosario, Alejo Stivel y Estrella Morente, además de la original de Fórmula V. Aquí las recopilamos todas para terminar el año. Y nosotros seguiremos contándoos sobre la música que nos gusta en el 2013. ¡Feliz año nuevo!

The years go by... Today we're ending 2012, The Spanish TV series "Cuéntame" remind us about the recent past decades in Spain. Bosé becomes the new singer for the music of this  TV series "CUÉNTAME" ("Tell me"), after Ana Belén and her son David San José, Pitingo, Rosario, Alejo Stivel and Estrella Morent, and also the original by Fórmula V.. Here is a compilation of all of them to end up the year. And we'll keep on telling you about the music we like in 2013. Happy new year!

Video "CUÉNTAME", Bosé:

Audio "CUÉNTAME", Ana Belén y David San José:

Audio "CUÉNTAME", Pitingo:

Audio "CUÉNTAME", Rosario:

Audio "CUÉNTAME", Alejo Stivel:

Audio "CUÉNTAME", Estrella Morente:

Video "CUÉNTAME", Fórmula V:



El periódico británico The Observer de ayer dedicó un artículo a Abba, The Museum que se abrirá en primavera del nuevo año 2013. Lo incluímos en inglés.

Yesterday's issue of the British newspaper The Observer had an article devoted to Abba, The Museum, which is due to open in the spring of the new year 2013. Here it is...

Sweden thanks Abba for the music with an all-singing, all-dancing museum

Group members back new interactive project, donating costumes and 70s memorabilia. Richard Orange reports
A boxy, four-storey structure of Scandinavian pine is rising out of the snow on Stockholm's Djurgården Island, sandwiched between the city's largest funfair and a restored 17th-century warship.
From its opening day, on 7 May, Abba The Museum, the city's first monument to the Swedish supergroup, is expected to lure hundreds of thousands of tourists a year to belt out versions of hits such as Super Trouper, Dancing Queen and Waterloo, alongside holographic images of the group in all their spangly 70s glory.
"Obviously, from a Swedish state point of view it should have already been around for many years, because it's one of the most famous Swedish brands ever," said Mattias Hansson, the museum's managing director, as he showed off the site before Christmas. "We know from the tourism office in Stockholm that each and every year they receive thousands of questions from tourists about where to go to see something about Abba, and for years they have been forced to say, 'nowhere'."
"We weren't entirely sure if there was going to be one, whether we wanted one – to become artefacts and relics while we are still alive," said Abba's Björn Ulvaeus, explaining the group's previous reservations when he announced his involvement back in October. But, he said: "I realised someone had to take the full responsibility and it gradually dawned on me that I was the one."
He is now the project's main backer, having taken a majority financial stake in December by buying shares from the three main investors – Universal Music, Live Nation, and Parks & Resorts Scandinavia. "He's taken a much bigger stake in the company, and that means also intellectually, when it comes to putting his creative mind and time into this," Hansson said.
Ulvaeus is by far the most entrepreneurial of the four members. He had completed a degree in law and business before he launched his pop career and he has a portfolio of property ventures. It was Ulvaeus who gave his backing in 1999 to Mamma Mia!, the London stage musical. He then worked as a producer on the 2008 film version, starring Meryl Streep, for which Benny Andersson, Ulvaeus's songwriting partner, wrote some new songs.
Hansson says Ulvaeus's involvement has made all the difference. "For certain, Björn Ulvaeus is the brightest creative mind I've ever been in the same room with." The two are trying to make the museum as interactive as possible, drawing on Hansson's experience as an internet entrepreneur. Every visitor will receive an Abba ID with their ticket, which will generate a page on the museum's website when they enter the building. Everything they do inside will be recorded, from singing on the holographic stage to entering a booth where Abba costumes will be projected on to them. Later, they will be able to share photos and videos of their experiences on Facebook and other social media.
Hansson said this all justifies the price of the tickets which, at 195 Swedish kronor (£18.50), aren't cheap. "Given the experience we will provide, it's a pretty fair price." It's also a sign of how the business model of Universal Music, which holds the rights to Abba, is evolving. Abba The Museum has done a deal to "integrate and extend the museum experience" into Spotify, the Swedish music-streaming service, and has tied up with a list of corporate sponsors.
Mamma Mia! has generated revenues of well over $2bn – it is the longest-running musical ever on both Broadway and in London's West End, and the film is the highest-grossing musical ever, generating well over $600m at the box office on a budget of $52m. That success has limited the hit that Abba and Universal might otherwise have taken during a decade when music piracy flourished.
But according to Hansson, it wasn't the prospect of additional royalties that finally won the band round to the museum project; it was Ulvaeus and Andersson's decision last year to insist that the museum be part of a wider Swedish Music Hall of Fame, with Abba sharing the glory (but less than 30% of the floorspace) with 400 other acts.
The band agreed to a 2006 plan to build an Abba museum in Stockholm, which failed when its main backer, Iceland's Kaupthing Bank, collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis. This time around, though, they're all more involved. Even Anni-Frid Lyngstad, who these days prefers a quiet life in Switzerland with her husband, heir to the WH Smith chain – has helped out. According to Hansson, she has "cleaned out her closet", bequeathing old costumes and memorabilia. Also on show will be the costumes the band wore when they won the Eurovision song contest in 1974. "In some way, all four of them will give each and every visitor an extraordinary take on the history of Abba," Hansson said. "They've all been filmed and interviewed for the exhibition."
The interviews are being used by Catherine Johnson, the British playwright who wrote Mamma Mia!, to make an audio guide which will tell the band's story from the 1960s, when each member was a musical success in their own right, through their marriages and Eurovision victory, to their divorces and the band's breakup in 1983.
"There's a built-in Romeo and Juliet thing here, with four individuals who all had their own careers, then became lovers and then won the Eurovision song contest," said Hansson. "It's a 10-year saga which you can follow from the first love affairs to the bitter end."
Ulvaeus has been keen to downplay the glamour and emphasise the more melancholy side to the band, the darker aspects of the lyrics, the frequent use of plaintive minor keys and the two divorces. However, that hasn't stopped Hansson trying to market the museum with the slogan "Walk In, Dance Out!"
Hansson said he did not know whether any of them would come to the museum opening. "I will be wondering about that until 10 minutes before the opening ceremony, because they don't usually do things together… But I cross my fingers."
Enlace a otro artículo / Link to another artice: USAToday.


El periódico sueco Nojes Bladet habla hoy de que Agnetha cantará a dúo con exmiembro de Take That, Gary Barlow, una canción compuesta por él para el nuevo álbum. Ya hemos comentado la noticia del supuesto regreso de Agnetha aquí que saltó en octubre. Actualizamos que el periódico inglés Daily Star informa el lunes 31 sobre el tema. Incluimos artículo en inglés debajo. Seguiremos...

The Swedish newspaper Nojes Bladet speaks today that Agnetha will sing a duet with ex Take That member Gary Barlow. The song has been written by him for her new album. We've already commented here on the news of Agnetha's possible comeback which appeared in October. Updating, British newspaper Daily Star reports on Monday 31st about the issue. We're enclosing the article below. We'll follow the news...

GARY BARLOW has had an SOS from ABBA’s Agnetha Faltskog to help relaunch her pop career.

The Swedish singer is releasing a comeback album next year.

And music sources claim the Take That singer has penned two tracks for the album.

One is a duet recorded with Agnetha, now 62, whose band scored global hits with SOS, Waterloo and Dancing Queen.

The song is already being tipped as the “most anticipated pop track of 2013” and could be released as a single.

Agnetha’s new album is being produced by Gary’s pal Jorgen Elofsson, 50. The Swede is famous for writing hits for Britney Spears, 31, Westlife and Kelly Clarkson, 30.

An insider said: “Gary is one of the UK’s most successful songwriters so it makes sense for Agnetha to call in the big guns. It’s a great mix of old and new together in one duet.”

Gary, 41, recently let slip during The X Factor’s ABBA-themed night that he had met the famous blonde during a recent trip to Stockholm.

Agnetha’s spokesman yesterday confirmed that she and Gary had “collaborated” but declined to go into detail.


Estrenamos el video oficial de Bosé con Penélope Cruz cantando "DECIRNOS ADIÓS", la canción inédita de "PAPITWO" compuesta por Eduardo Cruz, hermano de Pe..

Premiering the official video by Bosé together with Penélope Cruz singing "DECIRNOS ADIÓS" ("Saying goodbye"), the new song from "PAPITWO", written by Eduardo Cruz, Pe's brother.

Video "DECIRNOS ADIÓS", Bosé+Penélope Cruz:



Esto no es una inocentada... Ana Torroja estará esta noche en la gala "Inocente, inocente" que emite TVE esta noche. Todo por una buena causa. Aquí la promo que lo anuncia. Y por cierto, ¡feliz cumpleaños, ANA!

This is not a fool's day trick... Ana Torroja will appear tonight at the "Inocente, inocente" show, which TVE broadcasts tonight. All for a good cause. Here the promo that announces it. And by the way, happy birthday ANA!

Video Ana Torroja @ "Inocente, Inocente":

Video promo "INOCENTE, INOCENTE", Ana Torroja:



Björn Ulvaeus aparece hoy en una entrevista en el Dagens Nyheter, según informa icethesite.com. En la entrevista habla sobre la religión, sentirse en paz y lugares de culto. Incluímos el enlace al resumen de la entrevista en inglés por icethesite.

Björn Ulvaeus has appeared today in an interview for Dagens Nyheter, according to icethesite.com. In the intreview he speaks about religion, finding peace and places of worship. We're including the link to the summary of the interview in English by icethesite.

Björn Ulvaeus: “The story of Jesus is just a myth to me…”


Abba ya recibían a los turistas que llegaban al aeorpuerto de Arlanda en Estocolmo, como hemos informado aquí. Luego dejaron de estar, como también informamos aquí. Pues hoy os informamos de que han vuelto. Los trajes que llevaban puestos en Eurovisión'74 y nuevos carteles-poster estarán expuesto en el aeropuerto de Arlanda-Estocolmo para promocionar Abba The Museum que, como ya informamos, abre en mayo 2013.  

Abba used to receive tourists who arrived to Arlanda airport in Stockholm, as we informed here. Later they stopped being there, as we also informed here. Well, today we're telling you that they are back. The costumes they wore at Eurovision'74 and new posters are exposed at Arlanda-Stockholm airport to promote Abba The Museum, which, as we've already said, opens in May 2013. 



Nochebuena tuvo la emisión en TVE del programa especial de Miguel Bosé presentando "PAPITWO". Aquí recogemos algunos de los duetos del programa...

Nochebuena saw the broadcast on TVE of Bosé's special show introducing "PAPITWO". Here are some of the duets from the programme...

Video "PUEDE QUE", Bosé+Pablo Alborán:

Video "AIRE SOY", Bosé+Ximena Sariñana:

Video "COMO UN LOBO", Bosé+Bimba:

Video "LO NOTO", Bosé+Hombres G:

Video "LINDA", Bosé+Malú:

Video "CORAZONES", Bosé+Ana Torroja:

Video "MORENAMÍA", Miguel Bosé:



Estrenamos lo nuevo de Dido "LET US MOVE ON" ("Déjanos avanzar") con la colaboración de Kendrick Lamar, que verá la luz en el año nuevo. Hoy estrenamos audio con letra.

Premiering Dido's new song "LET US MOVE ON" featuring Kendrick Lamar. Today we've got the audio and lyrics.

Audio "LET US MOVE ON", Dido+Kendrick Lamar:



Una vez disipada la duda de que España irá a Eurovisión Malmo 2013, hoy lunes se confirmó los representantes, serán el grupo El Sueño de Morfeo. Un año en que varios países ya han dicho que no acudirán.  Incluímos la noticia del Huffington Post y videos de sus mejores temas. La elección nos gusta, solo falta una buena canción. Será el 18 de mayo...

Once revealed that Spain was actually participating at Eurovision Malmo 2013, today Monday was the day to confirm who would be representing us. It's the group El Sueño de Morfeo. A year when severl countries have already said that they won't be going. We're enclosing the news in Spanish from the Huffington Post and their best videos. We like the elecction, we only need a good song now. It'll be on May 18th...

El sueño de Morfeo representará a España en el Festival de Eurovisión de 2013.
Asi lo ha anunciado Televisión Española este lunes. El grupo liderado por Raquel del Rosario, conocida también por ser la exmujer del piloto Fernando Alonso, representará a España en el festival de la canción, que se celebrará en 2013. La canción será escogida por el público junto a un jurado profesional.
La elección de la banda, anunciada por Anne Igartiburu, fue fruto de la selección interna que ha efectuado TVE entre "artistas consagrados", llega tras los buenos resultados que proporcionó este sistema el pasado año, cuando Pastora Soler participó en la gran final de Bakú (Azerbaiyán).
Juan Luis Suárez y David Feito completan junto a Raquel del Rosario la banda, que se hizo famosa por mezclar pop fresco y una instrumentación de raíz celta en temas como "Nunca volverá".
Igartiburu también añadió que tras la elección del grupo, las canciones candidatas a representar a España se darán a conocer primero a través de la web oficial de Eurovisión de RTVE.es.
Después, El Sueño de Morfeo interpretará las canciones candidatas en una gala que se emitirá a través de TVE, donde las votaciones de espectadores y jurado designarán a la vencedora.
La próxima edición del festival se celebrará en Malmö gracias al triunfo el año pasado en Bakú de Loreen y su tema "Euphoria"
El festival se celebrará en 2013 con bajas como la de Turquía, que la semana pesada anunció su retirada para protestar por lo que considera reglas "injustas", por el trato que tienen los cinco "grandes" -Alemania, Francia, España, Italia e Inglaterra - que pueden pasar siempre directamente a la semifinal, aunque no alcancen buenos resultados.
Tampoco estarán en la cinta de Malmö Portugal, Eslovenia y Bosnia por motivos económicos.
Los componentes del grupo aseguraron estar deseando empezar a ensayar las canciones. El grupo, formado en 2002, aseguró en directo estar emocionado por participar en el festival, que tendrá lugar en Mälmo, Suecia.
La representante de este año, Pastora Soler, aseguró estar "encantadísima" y muy "feliz" por la experiencia, "representar a tu país, lo que te hace sentir la gente. Todo es una experiencia única y lo tenéis que disfrutar", añadió. Para ella, "lo importante es ir", resaltó.
Video "NUNCA VOLVERÁ", El Sueño de Morfeo:

Video "OKUPA DE TU CORAZÖN", El Sueño de Morfeo:

Video "PARA TODA LA VIDA", El Sueño de Morfeo:

Video "PARA TI SERÍA", Nek & El Sueño de Morfeo:

Video "SI NO ESTÁS", El Sueño de Morfeo:

Video "DEPENDE DE TI", El Sueño de Morfeo:



Björn acaba de conceder una entrevista a Reuters sobre "ABBA, The Museum", que abrirá sus puertas en Estocolmo el próximo Mayo del 2013. Aquí incluímos la entrevista en inglés.

Björn has just given an interview to Reuters about "ABBA, The Museum", which is due to open in Stockholm next May 2013. Here's the interview.

(Reuters) - A new museum devoted to ABBA may attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Swedish capital but that does not mean the four members of the super group will ever reunite, at least on stage, former ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus said.
The museum, a permanent exhibition within a hall of fame of Swedish pop music, opens in May next year. It will feature memorabilia like stage costumes worn by the singers, and visitors will also be able to sing along to ABBA songs alongside life size holograms of the group.

But while Ulvaeus -- now a 67-year-old grandfather - is involved in setting up the museum, there will be no new performances from a group that last appeared on stage around 30 years ago.

"For the opening of the museum I cannot say. I will have to give everyone (each group member) a preview and take it from there," Ulvaeus told Reuters in an interview.

"There will never be a musical reunion ... oh, I should say on stage, never a musical reunion," he added, laughing and refusing to give more details. "It means on stage nothing would happen."

ABBA, made up of Agnetha Faltskog, Anna-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, shot to fame when they won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Waterloo".

They went on to become one of Sweden's biggest exports with such hit songs as "Dancing Queen" and "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)".

But the museum took a long time coming. Separate plans for an earlier museum on ABBA were shelved in 2008.

"We weren't entirely sure if there was going to be one, whether we wanted one, becoming artifacts and relics while we are still alive," Ulvaeus said.

"It is such a long time ago that ABBA was active .. the guy I see when I look at all the videos, on stage, it is almost that he is a stranger," Ulvaeus added.

"It is almost that I didn't know him anymore. I thought it would be interesting to get to know him a little better."

Ulvaeus said that Catherine Johnson, who wrote the musical "Mamma Mia!", was helping write the audio guide which would feature the band's members telling visitors about the exhibits.

The group sold around 370 million records in total and are part of a rich Swedish pop tradition which includes Roxette, Ace of Base, Europe and Kent.

After ABBA, Ulvaeus went on to become a successful businessman and helped to produce the hugely successful "Mamma Mia!" musical that was later turned into a film.

He is still in contact with the members of the group, and is working with Benny Andersson on a musical drama at a theatre in Stockholm in February.

"When I look at old videos and photos it is almost always with great pride because we took the music so seriously," he said. "You can hear that and I think that is why it is still around today.

"The outfits and all that, we were having fun," he said. "There was nothing serious about that - but the music, yes."

Ulvaeus says the prime motivation for the museum is being able to show his grandchildren what ABBA was about.

"The reason I am in this at all is that I am in Stockholm. This is where I will go past with my grandchildren and they will ask me what is in there, granddad," he said.

"And I want to be proud of what is in there."

(Editing by Paul Casciato)



Hoy os ofrecemos unas versiones de "DANCING QUEEN". Una de los propios Abba, una versión con una diferente introducción y final y más estrofas reordenadas de forma diferente al éxito que conocemos todos. Pero además, incluímos versiones de Kylie Minogue, U2 con Benny y Björn en vivo en Estocolmo y la de los Sunday Drivers.

Today we're offering you the cover versions of "DANCING QUEEN" One of them by Abba themselves, a cover with a different intro and ending and the verses reorganized in a different way from the hit we all know. But apart from this, we're including covers by Kylie Minogue, U2 with Benny & Björn live at Stockholm and by the Sunday Drivers.

Video "DANCING QUEEN", Abba (original version):

 Video "DANCING QUEEN", Kylie Minogue (live):

 Video "DANCING QUEEN", U2+Benny & Björn) (live):

 Video "DANCING QUEEN", The Sunday Drivers:

Audio "DANCING QUEEN", Sixpence Non The Richer:



India Martínez ha grabado un video interpretando su versión de "ME CUESTA TANTO OLVIDARTE" de Mecano en la casa de José Mª Cano en Londres, que la acompaña al piano.

India Martínez has shot a video performing her version of Mecano's "ME CUESTA TANTO OLVIDARTE" ("It's hard to forget you") at José Mª Cano's house in London. He acompanies her on the piano.

Video "ME CUESTA TANTO OLVIDARTE", India Martínez+José Mª Cano:


ABBA: EL FIN, 30 AÑOS HOY / The end, 30 years today

Según recordaba Abba Omnibus blog, hoy 11 de diciembre se conmemora los 30 años de la última aparición pública de Abba como grupo. Incluímos la referencia de Abba Omnibus en inglés.

As Abba Omnibus blog reminded us, today December 11th commemorates 30 years of Abba's last public appearance as a group. We're including the article from Abba omnibus.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of ABBA’s last appearance as a group, before taking a “break” that has continued to this day.
Having done almost no in-person publicity for 1981′s The Visitors, the last three months of 1982 saw ABBA on a publicity blitz promoting the compilation ABBA – The Singles – The First Ten Years, new singles ‘The Day Before You Came’ and ‘Under Attack’, and commemorating the band’s 10th anniversary.
In October ABBA were interviewed for the Dutch television special The Story Of ABBA. This special has been made available on DVD under several different titles.
On November 5th a party was held at the Belfry Club in London celebrating ABBA’s ten years. Epic Records, ABBA’s UK licensee, presented the group with a large framed award featuring gold records of ABBA’s 23 singles featured on The Singles album.
The following day Agnetha and Benny appeared on the UK morning children’s television show Saturday Superstore. That evening the whole group appeared on The Late Late Breakfast Show, being interviewed by host Noel Edmunds which ended with an “impromptu” performance of ‘Thank You For The Music’. This programme is featured on The Visitors Deluxe Edition DVD released in April this year.
On November 11th ABBA were interviewed on German TV’s Thommy’s Pop Show. Later the same day they performed ‘The Day Before You Came’, its B-side ‘Cassandra’, and ‘Under Attack’ on Show Express. This latter performance is a popular one among ABBA fans.
On November 19th ABBA appeared on Swedish talk show Nöjesmaskinen (The Entertainment Machine), in one of the group’s most relaxed interviews ever. It’s almost as though they know the end is near, and they (mostly) drop their guard. They performed another rendition of ‘Thank You For The Music’ around Benny’s piano, and also performed the newest (and as it turned out final) single ’Under Attack’. This programme is also featured on The Visitors Deluxe Edition DVD.
On December 11th ABBA made their final appearance as a group, with a satellite interview on The Late Late Breakfast Show. It was a rather ignoble end, with an inconsequential interview filled with silly questions. The show ended with performances of ‘I Have A Dream’ and ‘Under Attack’. These two performances were included on the Number Ones DVD (2006).
Then ABBA took their well-publicised break, so that Benny and Björn could fulfil their dream of writing a musical (Chess, with British lyricist Tim Rice), while Frida and Agnetha resumed their solo careers. For years all four maintained that the group was just on a break but would reconvene at some point, but it seems obvious that none of them were really interested in being ABBA anymore; the last couple of years as a group had been difficult and it became evident that inspiration for the group was gone.
(Thanks to ABBA on TV and ABBA Annual for some details)



Estrenamos hoy el video del single navideño de Tracey Thorn, extraído de su álbum "TINSEL & LIGHTS" ("Guirnaldas y luces"). La canción es "JOY" ("Alegría") y el video se filmó en Lille (Francia). Seguimos con el ambiente navideño...

We'r premiering today the video of Tracey Thorn's Christmas single, taken from her album "TINSEL & LIGHTS". The song is "JOY" and the video was shot in Lille (France). We continue with the Christmas atmosphere...

Video "JOY", Tracey Thorn:



Hoy recordamos una canción de la banda sonora de la película "CIRCLE OF FRIENDS" ("Círculo de amigos"). La película de 1995 está basada en la novela de Maeve Binchy, que transcurre en Dublín y el pueblo ficticio de Knockglen en la irlanda rural de los años 50 y centrada en una pandilla de amigos universitarios. La canción que cierra la película se llama "YOU'RE THE ONE" ("Tú eres la persona") cantada a dúo por Moya (Maire) Brennan y Shane McGowan de los Pogues en una balada con aire celta compuesta por Mike Kamen.

Today we're remembering a song from the original soundtrack of the film "CIRCLE OF FRIENDS". The film from 1995 is based on the novel by Maeve Binchy, set in Dublin and the fictitious town of Knockglen in rural Ireland of the 1950s and centered around a group of university friends. The song which closes the film is "YOU'RE THE ONE", sung by the duo Moya (Maire) Brennan and the Pogues' Shane McGowan. It's a celtic ballad written by Mike Kamen.

Video "YOU'RE THE ONE", Moya Brennan & Shane McGowan:



Abba fue trending topic en Twitter el miércoles pasado, suponemos que tras la versión heavy de Rafa en "La Voz", que ya comentamos aquí. Además Spotify va a colaborar con Abba The Museum, como empresa asociada. Bjorn Ulvaeus dijo a la prensa: ''Online Music Streaming es una de las razones que ABBA tenga una nueva audiencia joven. Ahora fans que no hayan nacido en los setentas estan escuchando ABBA. ABBA The Museum sera una experiencia innovadora, fisica, interactiva y musicalmente. Yo honestamente no podia pensar en un mejor socio como es Spotify''

Abba was trending topic at Twitter last Wednesday, we suppose after Rafa's heavy version at "La Voz" as we've already commented here. Also Spotify will collaborate with Abba The Museum, as a sponsoring firm. Björn Ulvaeus said to the press: "Online Music Streaming is one of the reasons why ABBA has a new young audience. Now fans that weren't born in the seventies are listening to ABBA. ABBA The Museum will be a innovating, physical, interactive and musical experience. I honestly couldn't think of a better associate as Spotify".

ABBA @ SVT (Christmas 2012)

La televisión sueca SVT emitirá estas navidades tres nuevos documentales sobre Abba. Coproducidos por Carl Magnus Palm.  Serán emitidos el 26 de diciembre en la SVT y repetidos en 2 y el 9 de enero. Es la primera vez en décadas que programas producidos en suecia se emiten en el país natal del grupo. Los documentales se han hecho también para el mercado internacional y serán emitidos próximamente. Los títulos de estos documentales son:

Swedish television SVT is broadcasting three new documentaries on Abba this Christmas. Coproduced by Carl Magnus Palm. They'll be broadcasted on December 26th on SVT and repeated on January 2nd & 9th. It's the first time in decades that Swedish-produced programmes about ABBA are broadcast in the group’s home country. The films are made for an international market and will be broadcast in other territories in due course. The titles of these documentaries are:

ABBA - Dancing Queen trata sobre la grabación y el impacto de la canción más famosa de Abba, pero también de la historia del éxito de grupo con un enfoque especial sobre la Abbamanía australiana.
ABBA - Dancing Queen covers the making and impact of ABBA’s most famous song, but also ABBA’s success story with a special focus on the Australian Abbamania.

ABBA - When Four Became One [Cuando cuatro se convirtieron en uno] (Título sueco: ABBA – Vägen till Waterloo). En el documental se echa un vistazo a las vidas de los integrantes antes de ABBA y sus carreras y tambien se detiene en el festival de Eurovision donde ellos resultaron ganadores y obtuvieron la fama mundial.
ABBA - When four became one (Swedish title: Vägen till Waterloo). This documentary takes a look at the Abba members' lives before the group and their careers and focuses on the Eurovision Song Contest where they won and achieved worldwide fame.

ABBA - Absolute Image. En este documental se habla un poco de las vestimentas que usaban, su puesta en escena y sus famosos videos promocionales.
ABBA - Absolute Image approaches the ABBA phenomenon from a visual point of view: their costumes, stage performances and famous video clips.



No estamos siguiendo el programa de talentos "La Voz", pero no podemos pasar por alto una versión que han hecho del clásico de Abba en el programa. "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" ha sido versionado , una vez más, en un estilo heavy por Rafa. Aquí lo dejamos...

We're not following the talent show "La Voz", but we must comment about yet another cover of Abba's classic "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" performed in the programme. It's been covered as a heavy rock version by Rafa. Here it is...

Video "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL", Rafa @ "La Voz":
Más versiones de "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" @ MusiKQMGusta en los siguientes enlaces:
More "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" covers @ MusicILike at the following links:
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Para empezar el mes de diciembre, os ofrecemos la versión íntegra del making of del álbum navideño de Tracey Thorn "TINSEL & LIGHTS" ("Guirnaldas y luces"). Para ir abriendo el ambiente navideño...

To start off the month of December, we're showing the full version of the making of the Tracey Thorn's Christmas album "TINSEL & LIGHTS". To open up the Christmas atmosphere...

Video MAKING OF "TINSEL & LIGHTS", Tracey Thorn:



Hoy ha muerto a los 74 años el músico, compositor, arreglista y productor cántabro Juan Carlos Calderón ha fallecido este lunes a los 74 años en Madrid como consecuencia de una insuficiencia cardiaca.  Trabajó como arreglador para Joan Manuel Serrat (hizo y dirigió los arreglos de su disco Mediterráneo), Luis Eduardo Aute, Los Brincos, El Dúo Dinámico, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel y Mari Trini, entre otros.
Además, fue productor del grupo Mocedades durante más de 14 años. Juntos, consiguen numerosos éxitos, como
'ERES TÚ', clasificado en segundo lugar en el Festival de Eurovisión de 1973.
En Eurovisón también representó a España, como autor y director, con Sergio y Estíbaliz (1975), Paloma San Basilio (1985) y Nina (1989), mientras que en el Festival de la OTI participó con Cecilia (1975) y Trigo Limpio (1977).

Today the musician, composer, and producer Juan Carlos Caledrón has died at the age of 74 in Madrid by a cardio failure. He worked for Joan Manuel Serrat (directing the arrangements for his album Mediterraneo), Luis Eduardo Aute, Los Brincos, El Dúo Dinámico, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel & Mari Trini, among others.
He was also the producer of the group Mocedades during 14 years. Together they achieved many great hits like "ERES TÚ" ("You are"), second position at 1973 Eurovision Song Contest.
He also represented Spain in Eurovison, as composer and director with Sergio y Estíbaliz (1975), Paloma San Basilio (1985) & Nina (1989), and at the OTI Festival with Cecilia (1975) & Trigo Limpio (1977).

Video "ERES TÚ", Mocedades:
Video "VOLVERÁS", Sergio y Estíbaliz:


25-NOV: CONTRA LA VIOLENCIA A LA MUJER / Against violence to women

Un año más conmemoramos el Día Internacional por la no violencia contra la mujer con una canción en la voz de Ana Belén, "UN EXTRAÑO EN MI BAÑERA". No más muertes de mujeres.

Another year we're commemorating the International Day for non violence against women with a song by Ana Belen, "UN EXTRAÑO EN MI BAÑERA" ("A stranger in my bathtub"). No more violence against women.

Video "UN EXTRAÑO EN MI BAÑERA", Ana Belén directo/live:



Volvemos, una semana después,  al disco de versiones de India Martínez, para escuchar la versión del tema de Rosana "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ". Además versiones por Sin Bandera y Nuria Fergó.
A week later, we're back to India Martínez's cover album, to listen to her version of Rosana's song "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ" ("If you're not here"). And other covers by Sin Bandera & Nuria Fergó.
Video "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ", Rosana:

Audio "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ", India Martínez:

Video "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ", Sin Bandera:

Video  "SI TÚ NO ESTÁS AQUÍ", Nuria Fergó:

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