En 1981 Frida fue a Eleuthera (Bahamas) para realizar un reportaje y una sesión fotográfica sobre moda para la nueva revista sueca de entonces, Clic. En ese reportaje aparece la foto de una Frida en topless. Aquí el reporatje escrito por Frida, gracias a abbamikory.blog.

In 1981 Frida went to Eleuthera/Bahamas for a holiday and a fashion shoot for the new Swedish magazine Clic. In that report there was a photo where Frida appeared in topless. Here the report by Frida thanks to abbamikory.blog.

"With children and friends I left Sweden on a cool spring day for a trip to a paradise island in the Atlantic Ocean. The island has the name Eleuthera - pronounced Elootra - and is one of the many Bahamas islands. The trip starts from Stockholm via London, Bermudas and Nassau where we spend the night. The following day we fly in a helicopter the last stretch to the airport Rock Sound in Eleuthera.
At three o'clock in the afternoon we land. We step out in the wonderful warm air and walk through a modest air terminal and collect our luggage. There he is. It's King Bee. A negro, almost two metres tall, dressed in a bright green, fluorescent suit with a tie in the same material that reaches almost all the way down to his knees. He immediately takes charge over us and our bags and takes us to his big Cadillac, which has seen better days. The front of the car is decorated with colourfull pennants. On the front doors he has painted his own name "King Bee" in gracefull letters and the picture of a bee to make it complete.
King Bee was going to give us many fun moments during our stay in Eleuthera. With his positive view on life and his big, infectious laugh he gave us the best welcome we could have wished for.
The road to Cape Eleuthera Resort, where we will be staying, is full of potholes, which King Bee does all he can to avoid. They are the result of all the heavy winter rains and floodings. The Queen's Highway is the only asphalted road on the island and it goes from the north to the south all across the island. We drive through small villages with pastel coloured houses, in which large families are living. Outside of every house clothes are hanging to dry and chickens and goats are walking around the gardens. On every roof is a huge TV-antenna and outside the houses big American cars are parked. Next to the occupied houses there are concrete foundations which are overgrown with weeds. We are informed that by building a foundation you are getting the right to a bigger property.
Once we arrive in Powell Point and at our hotel we check in and get all the information we need and the keys to our bungalows. At this time we are all quite tired after the trip. The time difference to Sweden is six hours and our bodies haven't adjusted yet. We unpack our bags and decide to have a late lunch. Everyone is happy to finally have arrived. The children immediately run off to have the first swim in the pool. We walk through the area that have bungalows that all look the same. We continue our walk down to the marina and get to see cool motorboats equipped for deepwater fishing. We have lunch at the marina's club house. It's a beautiful lunch, fresh fish and Tropical Adventure, a dish filled with delicious fruit. We aren't up to do very much more this day so we all go to bed early.
The following day we get up and have an early breakfast. You mustn't be in a hurry, because the staff serving us aren't. Everyone has their own pace. And it's just for us stressed Nordic people to accept it otherwise you might suffer a nervous breakdown. The initial irritation disappears as the beautiful breakfast is being served. Domestic fresh pineapples, melons, egg dishes, freshly baked bread, fruit juices, great coffee and tea.
We enjoy changing into our bathing suits and walking down to the beach for our first swim. The sand is warm under your feet and the sea is turquoise blue with darker patches where the coral reeves are. It takes a bit of courage to get into the water which is cool, but the sense of pleasure soon arrives, and after a twenty minute swim you feel new and strong. The knowledge that we have almost fourteen days left in this beautiful environment makes us nice and happy. My passion is to go waterskiing and some of the others love to go windsurfing. Unfortunately there is no equipment to be rented on the island, which makes us a little disappointed. However there is a large golf course on the island. Most of it is located close to the water so there are many golf balls that are lost. The players don't walk on the course as we do in Sweden, instead they have a little golf cart. It's a fun little thing and it looks like the radio cars at Gröna Lund, but with a sun roof. The cart is so easy to drive, even the kids can do it without any problem. That becomes their big fun and toy during our stay.
Warm and lazy days come and go. We are swimming, sunbathing and take long walks along the beach. We find large beautiful shells called Conch. It is used in cooking and a real delicacy.
When the sun gets too hot we rest in the shadow of the palm trees in big, comfortable hammocks. We listen to music and read books or lose ourselves in our thoughts and look out on the endless horizon.
One day we want to discover another beach. We decide to go to Cotton Bay, a few miles north. King Bee drives us in his car and entertains us with song and talk. He has a voice that drowns everything else and it's more rare than beautiful. He teaches us the Eleuthera song, a happy reggae tune which makes fun of most things on the island.
Cotton Bay is a very beautiful beach. It is several kilometres long with sand that feels like velvet under your feet. Here is also a golf course located with a beautiful location and a pink hotel with a patio completely covered in hibiscus flowers in beautiful colours.
The day has a bad ending. Love happens to step on a sea urchin and lots of its nasty spines are caught in his foot. It's impossible for us to remove them, and with the risk of an infection we have to go to the hospital in Rock Sound. It's a beautiful villa and Filipino doctor treats Love with antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The spines are impossible to remove, but they will dissolve eventually. There's a happy ending to this drama, and Love is happy now that this "death threat" is gone.
April 16 is a very special day. It is the day when Barbro and Love are going to get engaged, and what could be more romantic than doing that on a deserted island. We rent a fishing boat with a crew and we bring picnic baskets and champagne bottles onboard. We travel for an hour to a very small island with a long sand reef, stretching out into the sea for a couple of kilometres. We leave the boat and have towade a few metres to get to land. The sky looked threatening during the boat trip and now it's like it has completely opened up and the rain is pouring down. It's a strange feeling standing there on that deserted island in the pouring rain. We try to protect ourselves with our towels, but to no avail. We are immediately soaked so we jump into the water and swim in the mild rain. That's a very sensual feeling. The weatherchanges are extremely quick and soon the sun is shining again. Lunch is served with several kinds of sandwiches, fresh fruit and champagne. But first the rings has to be exchanged! The crew looks amused as we cheer and sing for the newly engaged couple. We take out the present we have smuggled along, we bought it a couple of days earlier in Rock Sound. It's the ugliest miniature lazy chair you can imagine. It has flounces on it and a small lid on the seat and we suggest that the couple can keep their rings there. Champagne corks are popping. We toast each other and the engagment is a fact. It's a beautiful day.
On the way back some of us try to catch a fish. The only one who has any success is Fredrik. He has to work hard to get his catch onboard. It's a fish called grouper. The tail of the fish is lacerated, we think it's some kind of a shark. It looks nasty, so we throw it back into the ocean.
In the afternoon, the girls get together around the pool. A cool drink and some girl talk with great friends i pure bliss. The kids are having a great time. Helène has decided to lose a couple of kilos and is doing that by swimming energetically and only eating fruit and vegetables. The kids has their schoolbooks with them and a couple of hours each days are spent doing homework; math, French and English. King Bee keeps us company every now and then and is making attempts to learn Swedish. "Jag älskar dig" becomes "jaärskarii", and "har det varit nått" becomes "hare oatt nått". Everyone is having fun with his way to pronounce the words and he is having alot of fun himself. He doesn't waste any time to show off his new knowledge to his co-workers, and he is beaming with joy over knowing something they don't.
The existence in paradise unfortunately has to come to an end. The day of the departure arrives and we enjoy one last lovely breakfast. We have had a calm and nice time together. It seems like we picked the right time, because today a heat wave has started and it's almost unbearingly hot. With the heatwave a lot of American tourists arrive and the calm is changing into alot of noise. It feels somewhat like a relief to leave Eleuthera this particular day.
King Bee is the singsong-leader during our trip to the airport. We sing the Eleutherasong, this happy, rythmic song, over and over again and with it ringing in our ears we say goodbye to King Bee and Eleuthera." (Written by Anni-Frid Lyngstad)

Audio "ETT LIV I SOLEN", Frida (Bahamas photos):

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